Visit The Italian Town Of Ferrara This Summer

Last month, two earthquakes shook villages and towns in northern Italy, including the city of Ferrara of the Renaissance and Renaissance periods. Founded by the powerful este group, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a city of bikes, black magic and architecture that hangs in the right place. Although the beautiful buildings in the city centre were once, fortunately, they are no longer here; restoration work is ongoing, and almost all the sites are now open to the public.

1. The Castle of Este

It is worth visiting this impressive castle, parts of which date from 1135. It looks out onto Piazza Castello, where jazz, rock and folk festivals take place all summer. It’s a beautiful venue for an amazing concert tour.

2. Al Brindisi, the world’s oldest wine bar

Follow in the footsteps of Titian and Copernicus in this beautiful Enoteca, located on a clever path behind the cathedral; the perfect spot for a pre-dinner aperitif or an evening drink on any occasion.

3. International Street Music Festival in a beautiful Renaissance environment

The beautiful face of the Romano-Gothic cathedral overlooks Piazza catederale, where the Buskers Festival, held each August, is the largest of its type in the world, with musicians from all over the world covering every genre of music imaginable.

4. The Capellaci de Zucca

Originating in the courtyard of este’s Castle, cappellacci di zucca, it is cold filled with cheese, washed down with a cold glass of Lambrusco, a low-carbonated red wine with a raspberry flavor. The berry season starts in late summer and Osteria delle Porte cerate, in Via Montebello, is the perfect place to find these delicious meats and other fine wines on a warm September afternoon. The house dates from the 1500s; dine in the beautiful restaurants or outside in the indoor courtyard.

5. A chocolate cake for the Queen

For dessert, don’t miss a slice of tenderloin: made in 1900 for Queen Ferrara’s tour of Italy, this delicious cake is made with chocolate instead of flour. I need to say more!

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