Treat Yourself To These Luxury Destinations And Resorts

Wow… A life of luxury. It’s hard to beat Thai massage, drink mimosas by the pool, eat only the best Parisian cuisine and live a luxurious life. Whether you’re looking for the perfect weekend or want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, these nine luxury destinations will guide you in the right direction.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

In Monte Carlo, it’s hard to walk down the street without seeing a multimillion-dollar high roller. This luxury destination has some of the most impressive casinos in the world and is located on the warm Mediterranean Sea.

There are plenty of luxury accommodations to choose from, but the famous Monte Carlo Bay is worth every penny.

New York, United States

With one of the highest per capita incomes in the United States, New York knows how to live a luxury lifestyle. World-class Restaurants, museums, shows and shops are some of the top attractions enjoyed by up to 50 million visitors annually.

With stunning views of skyscrapers, The Four Seasons is the place to be. Enjoy a shiatsu massage or cocktail in one of the three lounges.

Bali, Indonesia

Look beyond the surfer and backpacker areas of Kuta and quickly discover that Bali has a world of luxury destinations with private beaches and hidden rice fields. This is the perfect place to relax and connect with your spiritual side. Explore the entire island for the ultimate luxury experience, including exploring the art in Ubud or the underwater world in Tulamben.

Bali Hotel offers holiday destinations throughout Bali and provides transportation so you can enjoy your stay without stress or anxiety.


Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world and the fourth largest financial center. Singapore is the second largest casino gaming market in the world, attracting the rich and famous.

Located in the central business district, Fullerton Hotel offers an infinity pool, spa and luxury accommodations.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Today it is difficult to discuss luxury destinations without listening to Dubai. The city’s economy has been boosted by the oil industry, but recently the economy has experienced a small boom in the luxury tourism industry. With the construction of some of the world’s most impressive hotels, accommodations and sporting events, people flock to Dubai to relax and unwind.

The most notable and luxurious hotel in the area is the Burj Al Arab hotel. The world-famous architecture of the hotel resembles a sailboat and is the fourth tallest hotel in the world.

Paris, France

From world-class cuisine, breathtaking architecture, impressive museums, high-fashion boutiques and day-trip wine tastings, Paris is the perfect destination for a luxury visit. Whether you want to shop along the chestnut-lined Champs-Élysées or admire the works of Picasso and many other artists, Paris excels.

In the center of Paris, opposite the Louvre, is the iconic Le Meurice. It has a romantic atmosphere in a classic style.

Mombasa Island, Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, is one of the least known luxury destinations in the world. The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean make it an ideal luxury destination to relax and listen to traditional tarabik music.

For a real treat, stay at the almanarar resort on Diani Beach, south of Mombasa. The all-inclusive resort features your personal luxury beachfront villa for peace and quiet on the beach.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, or simply known as” Rio”, is known for the largest carinival festival in the world. But that’s not All Rio wants to give. Attractive women and men relax on the famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

For the ultimate luxury experience, stay at The Art deco Copacabana Palace on Copacabana beach. Celebrities such as Fred Astaire and The Rolling Stones enjoy the luxury of the Copacabana Palace.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island, is located on the Gulf of Thailand, making it a paradise for beach lovers. Westerners have been mingling with local Thais and their culture for many years, making it a popular tourist destination, not to mention the famous Thai cuisine.

For a private home hidden away in the jungle mountains, stay at the four seasons in Koh Samui. You can book your personal villa with sea view and private pool at a relatively low price. Don’t forget to enjoy traditional Thai cuisine.

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