Tips For The Perfect Babymoon Vacation

If we need another excuse to take a relaxing break from all this, here: baby moon! Take a couple and a child born “soon”, and you have a recipe for a holiday. Babymoon is designed to allow couples to enjoy their last moments together before their lives change beyond recognition. With the ultimate goal of relaxation, we choose a small private retreat. Here are our tips for planning a successful lunar baby.

Choose the right destination

Not too far, but not too close to your home, not too many excursions, but enough to interest you, think about common interests (except for the growing bump) and make sure that your break has elements of it, but not too tiring.

When the little one is on the plane, it is never the same, full of more anxiety than excitement, so a short trip to discover the countryside of Italy or France can be the perfect distance to get away from it.

Much joy

This is the last time you will forgive completely without feeling guilty, so make sure that wherever you are, you can meet all your needs. Many villas have spa or spa rooms, so you can enjoy a day of health with professional treatments from the comfort of your villa. As a final delicacy, end the day with your favorite dish prepared by a private chef at your summer cottage. If you’re busy eating out, why not choose a day spent with chocolate instead of a visit to the vineyard so you can enjoy the Rewards?

Choose the right property and the right time to move

To avoid long hot walks, choose a villa near the city or beach (depending on your preferences). Good deals can be found in off-season Villas and the choice can be made after the start, that is, September or October, when the heated pool (which has enjoyed a lot of heat all summer) has a comfortable temperature. Enjoy traveling when ripe to do. Very quickly you are trying to find the best deals during peak periods of school holidays, which can be more expensive.

Abandoning technology

Once you arrive, it is about the two of you, relax and share as a couple those happy moments that will soon be very short. The last thing you want is for your in-laws to call to discuss ankle swelling or texts from supportive friends reminding you that you don’t have many nights of sleep left, so turn off the BlackBerry and dive into a good book while relaxing in your private pool! The only question now is Which book to takeā€¦

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