The Focal Allure Of San Ignacio Resort Hotel

While most of the resorts I stay in Belize’s Cayo are just a mile away, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is located in San Ignacio. The resort has existed since 1976.Easy and prestigious enough to host Queen Elizabeth II.

You can use the San Ignacio Resort Hotel as a starting point for day trips to ancient Mayan ruins such as Actun Tunichil Muknal,the final resting place of the victims. The Mayans believed that the cave was Xibalba,their underworld. (Hotels can book these tours for you.)

On the territory of the hotel you can meet iguanas during your iguana tour(you can see me in this video with adults and children in this video). The project has been operated by the resort for 8 years, and thousands of students and visitors have come to learn more about the green iguana. You can also provide guides who will talk to you about Jungle medical hiking.

From the owner to the waitress was on the front desk running w Steakhouse with my iguana project guide(who made me eat the alga in this video)to the masseuse on the spa site,I had nothing but a positive experience with everyone working in the hotel. I just regret that I didn’t have a chance to spend a lot of time on the master set.

There is a grand staircase that reaches,views of the Valley of the Macal River and Fine Arts and art from the balcony.

For those who may find some jungle resorts too secluded for like theirs,San Ignacio Resort hotels provide central facilities,services and history to spare.

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