The existence of extravagance in Marbella

When someone says “Costa Del Sol”, the spirit flashes on the crowded beach, hundreds and hundreds of tourists flock from the country of the hungry sun just ask for a couple of square centimeters of the beach. Since the massive tourism boom in the region,a swollen and large concrete colossi has grown in many coastal cities of Andalusia, special housing for you and the family. Now I don’t know anything about them,but this picture allegedly reminds you of the idea of luxury,exclusivity,and most importantly,it is far from a”great escape”. But if you are looking for something more exotic,something more exciting, then maybe you should try a luxurious life in Marbella.

Marbella benefits from its location on the Costa del Sol,based on one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe,with a climate among the most beautiful and warmest Canary Islands,and access to the largest airport in Spain, Malaga-Costa del Sol. However, without being afraid,the place of thought also means that it is far enough from Malaga and the surrounding industry to feel like you are in the motto of the holiday, not the purgatory of the holiday. Connections to the city attract tourists from all over northern Europe,the United Kingdom,the United States and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The rich North African foster brought wealth to the region and as a result created a lot from an upscale hotel and hotel complex to meet expensive tastes and thirst for luxury. Perhaps the town of Marbella is known as a refuge for the rich and famous along the Costa del Sol. Puerto Banús will see Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and a cruise several lengths long, looking at private yachts and cruise ships gathered in the area.

If you are looking for accommodation that provides all the needs that I can not find,which your usual packaging cannot give-then you are in luck. Marriott, a world famous hotel, owns The Marbella crown jewel in the form of the Marbella beach club. Based on 4 floors and with 288 luxury suits,this is indeed the best way to discover the city and only be a step away from the magnificent Mediterranean.

If you are really in the center of the city’s wealth,bring your attention to the Golden Mile of Nueva andalucia. This Golden Mile (actually four thousand) shows examples of some of the most expensive and exclusive properties in the area where the proudest guests settled in the summer.

Marbella beach is what it all started though, the 27 km of golden coast within the city limits are divided into 24 different beaches that host Water Sports, Sun worship, bars and everything else. If you are looking for the beach Cream De-la-Cream-which you will need of course–then Puerto Banús and San Pedro Alcántara are the best-exempt,and have the highest standards for water quality,cleanliness and location in the hinterland.

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