Stories Of The Vienna Woods And Ballrooms

In the world of tourism, where luxury is increasingly defined by unique, “experience-oriented” trips, many turn to recent trips (fashionable or 6-star hotels), the farthest (newly opened in Burma or Bhutan) or the most difficult (climbing Everest base camp or watching gorillas in the Congo).) to find one of these elements, being as close to or as possible to the 5 existing stars creates the possibility of traveling to a more complete “life”. life.

All good, all satisfied, I have done so much in my 17 years as president of the Smithsonian Institution in international travel. However, it is much more difficult to return to familiar places and find the entrance to join the local culture and everyday life, as you have lived there all your life. It was not built during the” taste of local culture”, but learned entertainment, lifestyle and passion.

Recently, I was invited to join Vienna from famous hotels.

It was an invitation to visit the third year of the Imperial Festival, a rare summer ball in Vienna, which hosts more than 300 balls in winter. The festival is a white ball to raise money for lipizaner horses, organized at the Spanish Riding School and led by Elisabeth Gortler, the “first lady” of Austrian culture. Mrs. Gortler also owns the hotel of the MAGA, where Austrians relentlessly advertise everything in the world.

Below is a fleeting road map of my time in Vienna, which I hope gives you a sense of the place and time that happened to me and allows you to reproduce the image as much as you like.

* Arrival at Vienna’s shiny new airport. Noteworthy signs (advertising looks too harsh) so you know that Imperial, turn of the century and Vienna 2012 are waiting for you around the corner

* Check-in at the hotel of the mosque is like a beautiful medieval house of the mosque of the mosque with a maid at the front door , next to the lobby is located in an office in a small, inconspicuous and cozy space, all covered with dark red fabric, dark forest and flowers.

* Entrance to my suite with Opera views, the same dense fabric, large windows and antique furniture. Can not I really put my Moi on this computer and spoil the moment ?

* And, of course, there is a place for a make sure that I am not hungry, arranged by the YHWH.

* As a first night adventure, we will walk through the vineyards around Vienna, learn and taste local production. All views of Vienna (only 20 minutes) are beautiful, and the wine is special. We are passionate about preserving this pre-Roman wine culture and meet with the local community who strive every morning to protect the vineyard. We spent 3 wonderful hours with him, walked through the vineyards, looked at the vineyards, listened to his difficulties and, most importantly, tasted different types of wine. I’m a fan and a fan now. it was again a dinner of the supper of the Ma’am that was special.

* The next morning, five small groups of us attended a dance training (and ritual) at the elmeyer dance school, the largest dance school in Vienna, founded in 1919. Can you really help me? After two hours, laughing and making so much effort to make new friends, I can almost Waltz and learn the three stages of the squares (1, 3, 6) We Dance at midnight. As for customs, I now know how to refuse (fine) a man trying my hand is not a big deal in the United States , but here it seems! One of the highlights was a meeting with the professional “students” of the school, who claimed that we were very fine.

* Now afternoon”prepare”

* Since the toilet in front of my ball is limited to a quick bath and drying, I do not use time in the living room, but when visiting the apartments of the imperial capital.

* These take me back to the time of Franz Joseph, “Princess Diana”, sissy or Princess Elizabeth. Every newspaper is a love story today. this is a normal stage of tourism, but having overcome it, the silver dome helped me understand the main role of Vienna in the world before World War 1.

* It’s Cocktail time for Ms. Maa and her friends. Intimate and wonderful experience with Austria, diplomatic corps who. After many speeches and Whispers, who was who, I felt like a guest at a big weekend party and welcome.

* Then we see three blocks in a group at the Spanish string school. Other guests, locals and tourists arrived on foot and by carriage.

* The grand opening 10 started with the ODA and the performances were fantastic, with bands ,ballets, operas and donkeys (horses afraid of noise, donkeys less) and then starting. Try to connect beautiful dances, squares, delicious food and drinks. I think every ball in America should have hay and sausage wraps when you’re tired of dancing.

* We returned to Maa and always awake and enjoy a drink at our intimate blue bar 4 excited at Maa, where we found some of the artists we invited to check out the night. We were welcomed and engaged in discussions. It seems that in this bar we all meet after every ball in Vienna.

I know that you have an experience that you can replicate in Vienna, and I feel your conviction. As already mentioned, there are more than 300 winter balls in Vienna, and now one in the summer, the newly presented Salzburg ball at the end of the famous Salzburg Festival (you saw it in the sound of music). You can participate in anything, take dance lessons, bring your group to have fun. Try it. Plan and participate not around your trip, but around local events. I even bought a mosh.

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