Secret Valley Hotel A Belizean Heaven

The Hidden Valley Hotel is what I imagined to be a resort in the sky . There is a reason why celebrities and other people who want privacy find their way into the Hidden Valley. Several other properties in the area are in triple-digit areas of cultivated land. Hidden Valley is located on 7200 hectares . The highest waterfall in Central America, some of the world’s rarest birds, has a world-class menu (usually only available to guests) and is so stable that the entire cabodel is managed by The Hidden Valley Institute and classified as a Category 6 “Managed Resource”Protected Area by the International Union for conservation of nature.

While hidden in the valley, you can use FREE 21-speed bikes to hike and explore more than 90 miles of bike lanes (be sure to bring one of the available radios if you need a return trip or some attractions). The 1,000-foot waterfall, the highest waterfall in Central America, is one of several on the property. Honeymoon couples may wish to rent their own waterfall, a device I never considered.

Guides for the guided object should also be used. My guide was a patient and informative person. There are three 25×25 platforms around the property where yoga players can participate in their exercises. The Awat Balam platform is at Tiger Creek Falls .

The suite has a private terrace with a hammock, as well as self-service tea and coffee. I would like any natural resort adapted to the temperature to have an outdoor rainfall, because that would contribute a lot to the experience. At the end of the stay, guests can grow coffee at home. I can’t say enough about Hidden Valley Inn because they have ended the marriage of nature and luxury. As can be seen from the cultivated area, no host can ever survive everything , but even there, there is a change in life. I hope to get my feet back one day.

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