Popular Places For A South Pacific Honeymoon

If you are traveling to the South Pacific on your luxury honeymoon, it is a dizzying option, but since you want to visit them all, let’s go through this most honeymoon is usually available for 2 or 3 weeks, so you will have to do a little Haya. The main destinations are New Zealand and Australia, as well as many tropical islands in the South Pacific, including Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands. The two biggest destinations-Australia and New Zealand-take a month to complete a lot of travel, so you should pick a few highlights. Below we are in the top 10 of the tropics as the best places to complete your honeymoon.


The original name was” Ma’agah”, which the gold diggers called Ma’agah because it had to”suit the Queen”. This biennial destination is the perfect place to ski in New Zealand, and in the summer months the microclimate will usually be 30 baht, with stunning scenery, stunning mountains, lakes and rivers. There are endless outdoor activities, as well as shops, quality restaurants and many bars. Maa is not only suitable for the Queen, it is our number 1 choice for newlyweds in New Zealand.

Waiheke Island

Just a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland City Centre( New Zealand’s largest city), Waiheke Island is a bohemian village with white sandy beaches, Mediterranean vineyards, luxury accommodation and friendly locals. It is rare to find an oasis of this type near a large metropolis. Yah appears as an ideal mix of beaches, cities and countries, which is an unusual combination, but that’s why we love it so much.

Hawkes Bay

No longer in Maia, but still in the North Island, Maia is famous for its wine country and united country. It offers a microclimate that tends to be above the standards of the North Island, making summer weather dry and hot. If you love nature, high quality Maa, farmer’s market and food, Maa is the place for you. A tip is to travel here for the annual Baath Wine Festival. It’s always fun and funny.


We don’t need to talk much about this internationally renowned city, except that Sydney is really all it should be. A city of contrasts-lots of people, great shops and restaurants, as well as a wonderful beach! If you want to date your partner, then this goal will be our number 1. a lot of energy, sophistication and brilliance is gold in this matter.

Byron Bay

Just below Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, our selection of the coast is a small town of Haya. Beautiful water beaches, wonderful waves and a pleasant relaxed atmosphere of the city. It is worth visiting here along with a weekly farmers market and many restaurants. It is popular as a yoga retreat and holds a few music festivals.

Kangaroo Island

This gem of an island off the south coast of Australia is accessible through Adelaide. You don’t want to leave after you arrive, especially if you stay in one of the best luxury apartments on the island, Baah. With endless white sand beaches, a vast nature reserve full of wildlife, sparsely populated and idyllic landscapes, Kangaroo Island is worth a visit.

The Great Barrier Reef

Much has been written about this famous place, which is rightfully considered one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Wherever you go, with beautiful tropical islands scattered along its entire length, the hardest part will be! Cairns will be our choice around the Isle of Man area and some of the best resorts in the world are located in this part of the reef.

Bora Bora

There is something magical, only mentioned in the name puts some newlyweds in delirium! Look at a few photos that are real and prove it. Its clear blue waters and tropical climate combined with wonderful seaside resorts and French make it a truly romantic place.


Little-known, but still beautiful Aitutaki is an option for the Cook Islands. When you arrive you will wonder why you were not there yet, just look at the satellite images, it’s not even a glance, almost like one of the legendary hidden islands you read! Well, it’s real, and Small Luxury Hotels in the world (in the capital)there are good resorts there, so we advise you to start packing.

Lomaiviti Islands

To round out the top 10 we are again, this time in the tropics, but in Fiji. Fiji had good options or areas and resorts, many of which were good, but the Lomaiviti group takes our cross if it is necessary to choose one.

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