Popular Island Choices In The Maldives

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Maldives on a work trip, and the approach was right to mix fun and business. Although I had mostly experienced the former, I was interested in documenting the experience as a resource for others visiting this truly amazing destination.

Of course, to get a true understanding of the appeal of the Maldives and their luxury holidays, we visited several islands and embraced the benefits of each; My biggest surprise lies in the different island experiences, as each resort seemed to suit the needs of travelers.

We have visited many 4-5 star Islands and some still offer a return to the island holiday site, take off your shoes when you arrive and don’t wear them until you leave. These islands lacked luxury amenities, but they focused their concerns on leaving home. Immersion in the natural environment can often be a wonderful experience, but not always associated with the most prestigious holidays. However, real Maldivian experiences can be found here, and you should enjoy real peace with a book and companion. These facilities are not intended for real biomass facilities, but for real biomass habitats.

The other islands we visited had more traditional all-inclusive resort packages that exude a Caribbean atmosphere with fun activities, bars, water sports and entertainment. The room had modems, plasma TVs, coffee makers and a golf course. The original Maldives feel is gone, but offers the perfect family holiday getaway. More expensive 5-star resorts were the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, as they boasted infinity pools and world-class restaurants that mixed local cuisine with traditional cuisine.

There are special islands for diving and surfing, and if this is your hobby, it is worth going to a warm place on your trip, although most of the islands offer great activities.

From our experience, these are the top 4 islands that I recommend for a truly wonderful Maldives vacation:

Acrostic-this beautiful island captures the true essence of the Maldives and is a small deserted island where you can completely relax and separate yourself from the real world, immersed in the natural environment.

Vilamentou-one of the most famous and popular beach resorts on the island, it offers many restaurants of Maldivian nature and enjoys a great renewal of new hotels that offer a more luxurious atmosphere than most islands.

This resort is one of the most popular options and offers a variety of activities to entertain children with other visitors to the island.

Coco Palm Podu Hithi-this 5-star luxury hotel offers private pools for every villa on the island, as well as property built to complement the beauty of the island’s natural beauty, and compete with the most exquisite experience in the Maldives. Simply amazing.

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