Extravagance Is As Yet Conceivable In Greece

In recent months, the political and economic situation in Greece has led to an expected 15% reduction in tourism, one of the most important industries in Greece. Faced with economic uncertainty, vacationers do not want to go to Greece, which only exacerbates the problem. Don’t be afraid for luxury travelers. You can always visit the original Olympic House in a carefree style.

More bang for your buck / euro

The main concern of many tourists and vacationers is the possibility of Greece leaving the EU, getting rid of the euro and returning to the “extreme drachma”, which is only part of its euro counterpart. Even if this happens, it won’t be a night Ticket Office. As with many things, there will be a transitional period when the euro expires, so you are unlikely to come to Athens with the euro and count the drachma before you leave.

The positive side of the economic crisis for travelers is that in Greece their Euros are more expensive than in other parts of the continent. In addition, to strengthen the economy, the notorious high prices in some regions of the country are becoming much tastier.

Luxury Archipelago

The Greek crisis is the lowest that can be felt in the capital, but the further you go, the more you can see that communities have survived, regardless of the economic climate. This makes holiday destinations attractive, especially on the Greek islands. In areas where the capital suffers from workers ‘ strikes and delays in tourist attractions, the islands offer a uniform and local style, offering tranquility and luxury.

For a luxury traveler who wants to taste Greece, but does not want to do the chaotic business of the economic crisis, you can get away from everyone and spend the night on the island of castellorizo, which has only 250 inhabitants.Allows easy access to Rhodes and the Turkish coast. The main Hotel, Mediterraneo, offers you the entire Aegean Sea as a swimming pool and a beautiful sea cave (called the”Blue Cave”) to perfectly experience the sunrise.

The biggest hits

If you can jump between the islands and see the whole of Greece at once, Why be in a piece of Greece? There are several luxury cruise lines in Greece and its islands that offer 7-and 14-day cruises, which means you won’t stay in one place for too long and see the best the country has to offer. If Greece were a musician, a cruise yacht would be his biggest hit album. There are several small islands in the Aegean Sea that are rarely seen by tourists from the mainland, especially around the Peloponnese, so this would be a great way to go to Greece without worries.

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