Chaa Creek Lovely Open Belizean Nature

Cha Creek is a popular product in Belize Tourism as it is committed to sustainable tourism. They have been recognized by Green Globe, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, Travel & Leisure and many other respected organizations. Cha Creek was awarded hotel of the year by the Belize Tourism Board last year.

The Cha River derives its name from a tributary of the Makal River. The property is located on 365 acres, and the basic layout of the Cottage provides easy access to qualified staff or study various aspects in their spare time. Enjoy a free tour of the Rainforest Medicine trail to learn about the traditional uses of native plants. Other free amenities for guests include canoeing, morning bird walks and guided tours of the Natural History Center and butterfly farm.

Many of the area’s beach resorts are close to nature, as Jungle surrounds most of the Cayo area. They all lack the service standards and options offered by Cha Creek. The food was amazing, the coconut bread was delicious enough, and I was excited to find out that the recipe is available online. My house gave me my first outdoor shower experience. Before I saw it, I was confused by the concept, but it was easy for me to understand the stone wall outside my room. The opportunity to take an outdoor shower allows you to disconnect less from nature and complete the experience.

I was fascinated by all my guides, especially Meshach, and went with them on their practice of night walks, morning bird walks and healing trails. His passion and knowledge were generally much higher than on tour. Although I haven’t ridden a horse in 15 years, the ranch guide has made sure my experience is smooth and safe. I was also surprised that it’s a standard cowboy image, even though it’s 100% Belizean.

Last year when I was there, it was difficult for me to access wifi in my room, but he did a good job at the business center and told me that’s what we’re doing.

In such a short time, I was amazed at how well Chaya Creek was able to meet my needs. I don’t consider myself human in nature, but I am a lover of new, diverse experiences. It provided me with a Chaco opening . And if you believe in a city lover like me, I can only imagine how much a true ecofile earns.

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